Who’s in the Hill 2nd to 4th October 2015 Lone Patrol Camping Availability of accommodation options at Larch Hill.
Almost 600 people camping in the Hill this weekend. We are hosting Troop, Group and County Events...
If you and your patrol are planning a lone patrol camp please see the attachments which will help you with your planning detailing directions and requirements for booking a LONE Patrol camp. Please click links to download How to get here and LONE...
Hello Scouts and Scouters, Please be aware of the following availability of accommodation options at Larch Hill. Main house: Closed for renovation. Centenary Lodge availability September to December 2015: 4th to 6th September 2015 (Discounted rate available) 23rd to 25th...
There is currently a position as part of the Larch Hill Scouting Ireland CE programme available for a Ground Maintenace/General Operative. Please see attached. Role Profile – CE Ground Maintenance and General Operative Larch Hill August 2015...
Almost 600 people camping in the Hill this... [more]
If you and your patrol are planning a... [more]
Hello Scouts and Scouters, Please be aware of... [more]
There is currently a position as part of... [more]

About Larch Hill

International Scout Centre

Larch Hill

Larch Hill is one of the National Scout Centres of Scouting Ireland. It is situated on the edge of the Dublin / Wicklow Mountains in a picturesque valley between Kilmashogue and Tibradden mountains 11 kilometers from the centre of Dublin. We have an 88 acre (35 hectares) campsite, a 26 bed lodge, a 56 bed hostel and 2 tented villages surrounded by natural amenities to enhance your scouting experience.

Larch Hill has 11 fields suitable for camping, giving a total of 17 hectares of camp grounds. If required, Larch Hill can also supply your group with tentage and other camping equipment during the summer camping season. Click the equipment rental tab for details of the equipment available.

Larch Hill’s water is supplied from two deep water wells, this water is tested and analysed on an annual basis. The water is 100% natural with no chemicals or chlorine added. Water taps can be found in most camping fields.

There is plenty of fire wood available on site from the campsite woodpile and 3 hectares of forest. Altar fires are also available and there are many small campfire circles dotted along the perimeter of the top forestry. The Toilet and Shower Block is located in the main car park, the recently built shower block consists of male and female showers for scouts and separate showers for leaders. We have two specially equipped toilets and shower rooms which are wheelchair accessible. We also have mobile toilet units which will be placed at suitable locations during busy periods. The toilets and showers are maintained to the highest standards.

The All Weather Shelter is a 50ft by 40ft barn like building located near the main reception and car park area. This building allows you to run a wet weather programme on those not so sunny days.

We have extensive range of activities available on site please click the activities tab for further details.

Contact us

You can contact us via email, phone (+353 1 4931410), on Facebookwww.facebook.com/larchhill or on Twitter: @LarchHillScouts.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the centre in the future.

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