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  • Duration: 40-120 minutes
  • Lower age limit: 6 years
  • Price: Free
  • Supervision: Self-led



The suspense and excitement of a treasure hunt, orienteering is an adventurous activity for people of all ages, fitness and skill levels. Participants navigate their way between control points marked on a specially drawn map. The terrain involved can vary and the pace can be decided by the individual.

How’s your navigation? Can you find all the landmarks on the map? Once you have been taught how to read a map you will need to navigate your way around our 88 acres. Orienteering is ideal to give people of all ages independence, work on their own initiative and using leadership skills. There is a junior course, intermediate course and a senior course. Grid Reference Orienteering is also available to brush up on those map work skills.


  • Ensure group knows the dangers of running over rough terrain and through forests, watching out for uneven ground and tree stumps.
  • Ensure group knows the boundaries, everything is on the estate, no need to go on public road or trespass on private property.
  • Ensure group knows that the main access road from the front gate to the campsite is a road and does have vehicles going up and down.
  • Ensure group has appropriate footwear. Boots are recommended, sandals and flip flops are dangerous. Also if walking/running through forest, be careful of scratches from bushes and trees.
  • Ensure everyone has water to avoid dehydration.


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